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Welcome to PlasticScene.

In recent years independent design studios have begun to add a new material to their palette; waste plastic. They have turned their ingenuity and creativity towards this curious, complex and newly abundant family of materials, developing innovative, experimental, sometimes necessarily ad-hoc, methods of working with it. They have embraced its inherent qualities of plasticity, strength and tactility and approached it with a sense of curiosity and optimism, rather than obligation.

These designers and design studios are steadily beginning to elevate the perception of waste plastic, presenting it not just as a material to be feared but one to be embraced, explored and enjoyed. Importantly, the exciting methods of manufacture and suggested aesthetic directions that you will see here can provide important starting points and inspirations for a wider use of waste plastics.

Works by

  • Wendy Andreu
  • Studio ilio
  • Dirk Vander Kooij
  • Max Lamb
  • Shahar Livne
  • M-L-XL
  • Kim Markel
  • Chris Pearce
  • Jorge Penadés
  • James Shaw
  • Silo Studio
  • Soft Baroque
  • Thing Thing
  • Chen Chen & Kai Williams


PlasticScene is being produced by James Shaw; a designer and RCA graduate who has spent several years exploring the potential of waste plastic in contemporary design: his work ‘Plastic Baroque’ is a key project in the PlasticScene oeuvre. And Laura Houseley, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Design Review, an independent design magazine whose content is made up of in-depth, creatively told, design stories.

Modern Design Review

PlasticScene is part of the King’s Cross Design Route.

Kings Cross Design Route


Photograph of the work “Regen: Shoe Lace Composition 1”
Wendy Andreu
Regen: Shoe Lace Composition 1
Photograph of the work “Hot Wire Extensions: Basic Stools”
Studio ilio
Hot Wire Extensions: Basic Stools
Photograph of the work “Grid Bench”
Studio ilio
Grid Bench
Photograph of the work “Grid Table”
Studio ilio
Grid Table
Photograph of the work “Chubby Chair”
Dirk Vander Kooij
Chubby Chair
Photograph of the work “Melting Pot Bistro Table”
Dirk Vander Kooij
Melting Pot Bistro Table
Photograph of the work “Bloown Chandelier”
Dirk Vander Kooij
Bloown Chandelier
Photograph of the work “Melting Pot Bench”
Dirk Vander Kooij
Melting Pot Bench
Photograph of the work “Not Only Hollow Chair”
Dirk Vander Kooij
Not Only Hollow Chair
Photograph of the work “Poly Scrap Furniture”
Max Lamb
Poly Scrap Furniture
Photograph of the work “Jigsaw Chair”
Max Lamb
Jigsaw Chair
Photograph of the work “Lithoplast Metamorphism”
Shahar Livne
Lithoplast Metamorphism
Photograph of the work “ABC Pink Chair”
Kim Markel
ABC Pink Chair
Photograph of the work “Glow Vases”
Kim Markel
Glow Vases
Photograph of the work “Bubbles Chandelier”
Chris Pearce
Bubbles Chandelier
Photograph of the work “Paraphase Light”
Jorge Penadés
Paraphase Light
Photograph of the work “Plastic Baroque”
James Shaw
Plastic Baroque
Photograph of the work “Plastic Baroque Dining Table”
James Shaw
Plastic Baroque Dining Table
Photograph of the work “Plastic Baroque Stools”
James Shaw
Plastic Baroque Stools
Photograph of the work “Wealdstone Youth Leg”
Silo Studio
Wealdstone Youth Leg
Photograph of the work “PPPPP”
Silo Studio
Photograph of the work “Purged Plastic Plinth”
Soft Baroque
Purged Plastic Plinth
Photograph of the work “Purged Plastic Shelf”
Soft Baroque
Purged Plastic Shelf
Photograph of the work “Purged Plastic Book Shelf”
Soft Baroque
Purged Plastic Book Shelf
Photograph of the work “M”
Thing Thing
Photograph of the work “Thank You”
Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Thank You

PlasticScene Talks

Thursday 20 September
A New Material Landscape

A discussion around the future implementation of waste plastic in homes and public spaces. We’ll be talking about the realities of waste plastic reuse: How functional a material is it? Do we desire it? What roles do the consumer and the designer play in redirecting waste material? Are there any concerns with elevating the perception of plastic? It is clear that waste plastic has emerged as an unexpected raw material of our times. The panel of experts will each bring their perspective on the subject; from conservation, to research, to practical implementation.

The Panel:
Friends of the Earth
Howard Sullivan, Director of YourStudio
Seetal Solanki, Founder of Ma-tt-er
Compere: Design Editor Laura Houseley

Friday 21 September
The Science Bit

Understanding how plastic behaves, both now and in the future, is key to successful and responsible reuse. Yet this is not an exact science and new information about material degradation and behaviour is being discovered all the time. We’ll discuss how what we now know, and don't know, is affecting the design and creative process and how our future use of plastics, whether waste, virgin or bio, will be dictated by the crucial research happening today.

The Panel:
Friends of the Earth
Carien van Aubel, Plastic Scientist
Compere: Design Editor Anna Winston

Saturday 22 September
From Microwave to Manufacture

Who is at the forefront of waste plastic innovation? Is it the independent designers with their invented methods of manufacture, studio-made machinery and sometimes ad hoc methods of making. Or is it industry, with their capacity for volume and efficiency? PlasticScene focuses on the work of independent designers working in waste plastic. What are the ambitions of this group and why is waste plastic such a draw for them?

The Panel:
Silo Studio
Studio ilio
Compere: Design Editor Oli Stratford

PlasticScene Demonstrations

M-L-XL design studio will be leading demonstrations of waste plastic forming in collaboration with CR Clarke. Learn how waste can be turned into product using simple processes and newly advanced technology.

Tuesday 18 September

Thursday 20 September

Saturday 22 September

Sunday 23 September


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